Chicago Data Center

Havok2 operates out of its own state-of-the-art data centers located in downtown Chicago, Illinois (350 E Cermak Rd. Suite 240 and 725 S Wells St. 8th Floor) and in Edison, New Jersey. The data centers offer complete redundancy in power, HVAC, network connectivity, and security. The data center facilities sit atop multiple power grids, with full UPS battery backup power and a diesel generators onsite. Our Network is supplied by several separate networks including Level3, TeliaSonera, Tata, and Cogent.

Our data center facilities have been built to meet the high demands and reliability of telecommunications providers and Fortune 500 companies. They all maintain N+1 mechanical redundancy and 2N network redundancy, at minimum. The fiber provided to the data centers is also provided over redundant paths, with diverse entry points and building riser. We also assure carrier neutrality at all of our facilities and can provide access to dozens of third party backbone providers from each of our buildings via cross connects.

We are always happy to give tours of all of our facilities. Simply contact us to schedule a tour.

Our Network

Havok2 has always prided itself in the quality of it’s network. Ever since it began, network quality has always been a strong point, leading to a strong customer base of very demanding customers in voice/voice over IP (VoIP), online gaming, and high speed financial trading. With a network built for those customers, where a difference of a millisecond or two or a slight increase in jitter can cause major issues, you know you’re going to get the highest level of network speed and quality from H2.

What sets the H2 network apart?

  • Intelligent Routing – BGP by itself is not enough, our network is actively looking to improve performance at the rate of 10,000 routes a minute to assure you’re always using the best route possible.
  • 99.99% Total Uptime SLA – We are so confident in the reliability of our network, we back it with a 99.99% total uptime SLA.
  • Connectivity to Top Tier 1 Networks – We connect to only the highest quality Tier 1 network to assure the lowest number of networks traversed to reach your final destination. Currently, we connect to Level3/CenuryLink, NTT, Telia Carrier, and Cogent, the four largest global IP networks.
  • Direct Peering Relationships –  Not only do we connect directly to the top Tier 1 networks, we also have over 100 active peering sessions directly with networks such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix, and more across three distinct peering points.
  • Our Team – The network is backed by a highly skilled network operations team and continuous 24/7 monitoring of network health. Our team understands the importance of network quality and reliability and provides industry leading response and resolution times.
  • Independent Internal Network – An internal network is available, protected from public Internet access, to be used to access servers, storage, backups, and other services inside the H2 network. This helps assure the highest levels of performance and security for traffic staying inside H2 data centers.
  • Fully Redundant Network Configuraton – All core and distribution levels of the network (public, internal, and between the different H2 data centers) are built to 2N redundancy, always with ample capacity for failover.
  • Only Carrier Grade Hardware – We use only carrier grade Juniper Network and Cisco hardware with support for 40 and 100 Gbit/sec connectivity.
  • SSAE18 and SOC2 Type 2 Audited – SSAE18 and SOC2 Type 2 controls and change management procedures are audited annually by a third party.
  • IPv6 Leader – We have been a true dual stack network with dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 since 2009 and provide the same level of quality and service over IPv6.

Network Test Files:

100mb Chicago, IL Data Center: Available Here
1gb Chicago, IL Data Center: Available Here